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Updates and Upcoming Projects

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you an update on what I’ve been working on for CFG and give you an idea what’s coming down the pipe.

Ruins of the Lorn Keep: this game is still in que to printed by The Game Crafter. As of today, we’re number 351 in line, with a ship (to me, not backers) of April 20th. It should be noted that the date will change every day. Once I have the games in hand, I will immediately begin shipping them. Lastly, I will open the RotLK page on The Game Crafter website to allow print on demand purchases.

The Secrets of Warwick Village: this #dnd5e supplement is a setting suitable characters level 1 – 5. This cursed village has several locations, NPCs, treasure, new monsters, and dozens of adventure hooks to aid DMs of all experience levels. (Coming to Kickstarter in early April 2020)

Return to Renwick Castle: This #dnd5e adventure is loosely inspired by the classic choose your own adventure book, Return to Brookmere (1982). This project will need a new title as I seem to have double up my wicks ;). I’m especially excited about this project because the cover artwork by Cameron Suter is phenomenal.  (Coming to Kickstarter in June 2020)

Given the current situation with the Corona virus, I’m finding it difficult to work while sheltered in place with my family, but I’ll be damned if I miss a deadline (even one I set myself).

March 21, 2020
Andrew Hand
Cheatin’ Fair Games

Welcome to Cheatin’ Fair Games!

Cheatin’ Fair Games is a place for easy-to-learn, affordable games. There are at least a dozen games in the works currently, each focuses on creating a fun, immersive game without a huge price tag or huge time commitment. Expect card, dice, and board games, roleplaying games, and 5th Edition DnD supplements (that’s sort of my wheelhouse).


Honey, that’s just cheatin’ fair

— Mildred Avery.

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